Each species of wood produces a completely different timbre. Much like colors on a canvas.

Purpleheart featuring Maple core. A Bass players dream guitar pick. 

 Almost ever since I first picked up a guitar over 31 years ago, my go-to pick has always been the standard Jim Dunlop black 1mm nylons. I’ve always loved the tone, the feel, pretty much everything about them….with one small exception: I can’t seem to hold on to the damn things! If you use nylon guitar picks, you already know exactly what I’m talking about: When you gig, you sweat. And no matter how “tacky” the surface of a plastic pick is, once you start digging in, they inevitably start slipping out of position between your fingers.

 Enter the Forever Pick: A revolutionary new line of wooden (yes, wooden) guitar picks made from several laser thin layers of exotic woods. My friends Jay & Bobby were kind enough to send me a few varieties of (medium and thick) to try out and give feedback on. Although I had always known about wooden guitar picks, I had never actually tried one until these crafted beauties arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Would they be functional, comfortable, and actually…you know… usable? Or would they turn out to simply be another guitar gear novelty? Something with ultimately more value as “art” than as a tool for everyday use? Well, I reckoned it was time to find out.

What you don't know has been killing your guitar's tone and timbre 

 I was relieved to find that choking up on the Forever Pick still delivers the ear-shattering squeal that hard rock and metal players count on having in their bag of note attack dynamic tricks. The third, and best discovery about the Forever Pick? They stay in place! No matter how busy a riff, solo, or song parts gets, the FP stays exactly where you want it to….No more struggling in the heat of the moment to finger-chase and readjust a runaway piece of plastic! Woohoo!

 All in all, I was quite impressed with the Forever Pick, to say the least. Will they officially replace/dethrone Dunlops as my new guitar pick of choice? Hard to say, as old habits die hard….And it’s even harder to give old dogs new picks ***rim-shot**. That being said, I absolutely recommend you try one for yourself, as you’ll likely at the very least make the same discovery I did: When it comes to string-plucking, nylon’s no longer the the only viable game in town...It actually might, at long last, face some “stiff” new competition: The Forever Pick.

Koa guitar pick handmade in the USA

Forever Pick review by Recording Engineer and Guitarist Matt Brooks (Brotherhood of Fools, Black Room)

 I opened up the package with one of the two samples Jay & Bobby sent me, the Ebony Medium, and started riffing away on my Gibson V. I was at that moment that I instantly had my first revelation: It actually felt natural! Not sure if I was expecting difficulty, splinters, or what, but you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover that the Forever Pick was, in fact, no novelty. 

 The second observation I made was in the tonal difference compared to plastic picks of comparable thickness: The Forever Pick’s attack seemed to deliver a certain percussive ‘thwack’ with palm-muted chords and notes that seems to be elusive with my trusty old Dunlops without some serious mid-frequency eq scooping and/or tweaking of the resonance knob (if your amp happens to even have one of those at all). Pinch-harmonics are also still a breeze….



Forever Pick